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STG III BUILT 2.0l WRX Race Block

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  • STG III BUILT 2.0l WRX Race Block
  • STG III BUILT 2.0l WRX Race Block


STG III BUILT 2.0l WRX Race Block This EJ20 block is for the guy who wants to over build on a 2.0l platform, rally, time attack, road racing, or anything that requires you to stay a 2.0l to fit within the rule book. This block will handle as much as a 2.0l block can handle without being sleeved! This combination uses the factory 2.0l crank (or optional 2.5l STI crank for a little extra displacement!), Manley Turbo Tuff or Crower I beam rods, and your choice of forged pistons! Whether you are just replacing the tired old stock block or if you are building a performance street car, the STG II WRX 2.0l bolt block is one of our most popular builds since 2002. As always we encourage you to break this engine in on the dyno after initial break in period (in some cases just a few heat cycles and oil changes will suffice).If you are rebuilding to handle up to 500 HP you don?t need to look any further than this page, pick the parts you want and add it to the shopping cart and let us handle the rest! We make things simple, we make things easy, we are the best at what we do when it comes to building EJ engines. No one has as many options and can back it up with customer support and help when you need it! Whether you want to build a 2.0l high revving motor or a 2.7l stroker we have you covered. You want custom compression ratio pistons? We can do that too. Want to have the assembly fully balanced before it is sent to you? Got you covered there as well. You want your piston tops ceramic coated? Easy, just choose that option when you are building your PERFECT short block! BUILT EJ specializes in building highly competitive race blocks and cylinder heads for both street and racing applications. From drag racing, Time Attack, rally cross, and full on stage rally we know the parts and accessories you will need to run a competitive race on almost any budget. Not only will we offer superior engine building service but also the ancillary parts that go along with them from OEM gasket kits, custom brake packages, aftermarket ECU support, and custom hard to find parts. Short block's are BUILT to order and on average take 2-4 weeks for delivery. If you have any questions please make sure to call us first. BUILT EJ -the last place you will ever need to go for EJ parts. **All BUILT race blocks start with a new OEM block, crank, and bearings unless otherwise noted.

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